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Charge Port Protector Board

Charge Port Protector Board

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Tired of blowing up your charge port? The charge port protector board is for you!

- Protects against shorts on the charge port.

- Works with common VESC onewheel voltages 10s-22s

- Requires a minimum 3 pin charger with 1 negative and 2 pins positive. Our chargers are supported!

- Does not protect against reverse polarity or wrong voltage.

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Voltage - 10-22s
Current - 10A max

Charge port side pinout:
[C-] Charger Negative
[C+] Charger Positive
[S+] Sense Positive (See wiring diagram)

BMS side pinout:
[B+] Battery Positive (or BMS C+)
[B-] Battery Negative (or BMS C-)

A fuse is always recommended!


Great if you have a habit of sticking your charge plug in sideways and shorting the pins like me!