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Speed Pack - 20s2p P28A

Speed Pack - 20s2p P28A

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- 20s2p battery made with Molicel P28A cells

- Compatible with stock XR battery box

- Highest speed - lightest weight

- Fully insulated construction + clear wrap

- Does not include ZBMS (Unless ZBMS option selected)

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    - 20s2p - Genuine Grade A Molicel P28A
    - 50A Continuous Current - 70A Peak
    - 84V Fully Charged - 72V Nominal - 60V Recommended Low Voltage Tiltback
    - 5.6Ah Nominal Capacity
    - 403Wh Nominal Energy
    - XT60 discharge connector with normal polarity
    - Balance wires configured for ZBMS


    Universally compatible battery!

    Will fit in the stock XR battery box, Fungineers box, and also TorqueBOX. It is strongly advised to fill empty space around the pack with foam so that it does not move around.


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    **Currently only offered within the lower 48 states, do not order if you are not within the continental US**

    Contact us about shipping to Canada. Buyer is responsible for all customs duty/tax.